Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Will the band travel?

A.Yes, we play all over

Q. How do I book the band?

A. Email us or give us a call and give as much details as you can about your upcoming event. Date, Venue, what kind of lineup you have in mind. If you are not sure what would be good for your event we can discuss. Once you have contacted us and given us some details we can prepare an accurate quote. If you like the quote and want to proceed with your booking you will be emailed a booking/deposit/confirmation form. This serves as your booking confirmation.

Q. How much is the deposit and how much does it cost to hire the band?

A. The deposit is €100.00. The cost of the band depends on the size of the band and if there is travel involved. Don't worry, we can provide you with a great sound for your budget.

Q.Will you perform outdoors?

A.Yes! weather permitting.

Q.Are there any special requirements?

A.We just need space to set up where it is safe and we have access to a power supply. 

Q.If we have a special song we want you to play, will you do it?

A.Yes, email us with your request and preferences and if we don't know it, we can learn it. We'll jazz it up for ya!

Q.Do you have a list of jazz tunes that you play that I can look at?

A.Yes. Click HERE

Q.When can I book you?